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Archive for October, 2008

hood river

The Annual Hood River Valley Harvest Fest features dubious arts and crafts, rows of tables loaded with apples and other produce from local farmers, and a commercial tent for vendors demonstrating Slap Chops, ginsu knives, pet hair rollers, Bass-o-Matics, etc. It is irrationally windy in Hood River, which contributes to it’s reputation as a windsurfing Mecca. Seeking shelter from the gale, we spent hours in the wine and beer tent (agreed, we would have been in there anyway), where Ralph uncharacteristically made friendly small talk with several tipsy female festival patrons. The 17-piece White Salmon Jazz big band was the entertainment highlight.

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foldable favorite: brunton solar panel

“We’re off the grid honey!”

Ralph’s expensive, portable, foldable solar panel charges all the small devices that we now find essential: MacBook, cell phone, weather station and satellite services like X-M radio.

Not like we ever do, but theoretically with this device the DWR can venture beyond hookup sites without a lapse in service from the electronics we need to call our lives fulfilling. It even charges the full size Airstream battery in 12 to 24 hours.

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