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Archive for November, 2008

how are they made?

Thank you friend Pete, who alerted me to this six minute video on YouTube from Season 12 of “How It’s Made”, a program on the Discovery Channel that I didn’t even know existed.

Watch while one of the longer models is built and tests are conducted to insure the outer shell can withstand “hurricane-strength rain” (a feature we’ve been grateful for more than once in the Northwest).

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fort stevens

The state park in Hammond Oregon is near yet another old coastal fort, built to protect the entrance to the Columbia River (sister to the fort on the Washington side at Cape Disappointment). It was bright and clear when we explored Fort Stevens, the little military museum, and rusted shipwreck on the beach. Ripley tirelessly chased seagulls up and down the sand. We vowed to go back next year, and bring our bicycles.

Ralph made a seductive picture starting a fire at the campsite, brandishing a ball peen hammer and using a screwdriver as an awl (“Look at me honey, I’m f’ing Abraham m-f’ing Lincoln!”), cigarillo dangling from his lower lip, bourbon in a plastic cup.

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