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foldable favorite: portable barbecue

Airstream camping with the portable notebook grill


Dinnertime in western Oregon and Washington while camping with the DWR means huddling inside, out of the wretched weather, preparing meager, unobtrusive meals in the tiny galley, and smelling wet dogs drying by the floor heater. Roll east of the Cascades though, where skies are clear, and the great outdoors becomes your dining room. Time to barbeque.

Storage within the trailer remains on a miniature scale, so we ‘stream with the HotSpot Notebook Portable Charcoal Grill


Only 18 x 21 and less than 2 inches flat when folded, it pops into position ready to receive whatever fire source you choose to dump inside. (Make it easy on yourself, get the instant light briquettes). If you’re not hosting a family reunion there’s plenty of space for mixed grill or burgers.


I haven’t weighed it. Seven or eight pounds? It sleeps with the folding chairs, cafe table, and trash can inside the bathroom we will never use.

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