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Hand wash in an Airstream with deFUNKit


While not meant to be folded (though I guess you could), deFUNKit is a terrific product to take along in a tiny trailer, and has test-earned its place in the ‘Streaming “Foldable Favorite” category.


You know those items that don’t smell clean even after they come out of the washing machine? (My husband’s cycling jerseys come to mind—as well as my microfiber travel clothes.) DeFUNKit is for handwashing on the go, but also promises “permanent odor control” of your stinkiest garments.


I carried deFUNKit with me on a trip to Italy but didn’t use it until the items I had been walking around in from Florence to Naples (and sleeping in on trains) became intolerable.


The deFUNKit system consists of three small packets: one for prewash, and two for odor control. Here’s the 1-2-3:


Use whatever you’ve got to fill with water: a bucket, the community camp sink, or in my case, a super handy European bidet. (Boondockers caveat: the process uses quite a bit of water; you’ll want to find a faucet.) Presoak your rank garments for an hour, and remove them from the bucket/bidet. Refill with a gallon of warm water and add the “Part A” permanent odor control packet. Stir until dissolved. “Water will turn slightly golden,” the instructions explain. That’s an understatement. Next, return the wet clothes to the now scary-yellow water and add the “Part B” packet contents. Massage garments for a couple of minutes—the “water color will clear slightly to signal completion”. Your clothes are now forever-fresh.


I draped my de-funked wet clothes, Clampett-style, on a chair near the hotel balcony window and allowed them to air dry in the warm breeze from the Salerno Gulf.


I have no idea what the science is going on here, but this product worked like magic. The process sounds like a lot of trouble; it isn’t. One glitch: only a teaspoon is needed from the presoak packet, facing you with the decision of letting the remainder go to waste or returning an open envelope of powdery stuff to your stowaway gear or luggage. (I tamped my hoardery tendencies and bravely threw it away.)



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