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foldable favorite: brunton solar panel

Airstream travel using alternative energy: Brunton portable solar panel


"We’re off the grid honey!”

Ralph’s expensive, portable, foldable solar panel charges all the small devices that we now find essential: MacBook, cell phone, weather station and satellite services like X-M radio.

Not like we ever do, but theoretically with this device the DWR can venture beyond hookup sites without a lapse in service from the electronics we need to call our lives fulfilling. It even charges the full size Airstream battery in 12 to 24 hours.

“You can kind of straddle two functions,” raves Ralph. “You can take it backpacking, sleeping in the dirt, or, just use it sitting in the back yard,” (which is where it’s usually employed, spread out on the lawn to power the east coast baseball games).

It folds down to the size of a sheet of notebook paper, about an inch thick. It’s nice to know we can function on our own without electricity…provided it’s a sunny day.

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