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foldable favorite: camco broom

Cameo adjustable broom for Airstream owners


Many RVers are raving about the Camco foldable full-sized broom that offers “a new angle on cleaning.” Facebook reviews of this product range from dizzyingly positive (“I love mine!!!!!!”) to “good in theory, but not in practice.”

I don’t know why I thought I needed this, as I had a very nice little mini angle broom that fit perfectly well in the tall wardrobe storage area of the DWR. But I couldn’t resist another foldable gadget.


I tried it and I like it…I guess. Press a knob and the business end swivels to come to rest at one of three preset positions. It is indeed compact, collapsing to only two feet (including the dustpan the broom head rests in) after extending to 52 inches. The angle action and bristles really pull the crumbs and pine needles up from both the FLOR tiles and bare floor, and allows for a good reach into all kinds of tight spots. (I can see it being useful to stick in awkward corners both inside outside the trailer to sweep away spiderwebs and other infestations after a long winter in storage.)


I share a criticism with other users: the telescoping handle keeps collapsing as I sweep. Maybe I’m not twisting it into place forcefully enough.


There’s some interesting squint print on the packaging: “California proposition 65 warning, this product contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.” (WTF is this broom made of? And do these adverse effects manifest only in California?)


The Camco broom is compact for storage, the head angle adjusts, and the handle extends to "just the right height for you.” This all sounds amazing but I have to concur with the “meh” reviews. I like that it folds, and I wanted it so very much to be superior to what I had. It sweeps, yes, but it feels wonky and awkwardly weighted. I’m stubbornly committed to learning to love it, though—my loyal little stick broom is already at Goodwill.



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