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foldable favorite: demarle flexipans

Airstream cooking, Demarle mini muffin Flexipan and Silpat baking sheet


My friend Karla—a spectacular cook—sells high-end kitchen tools as a Demarle At Home instructor and host. Recently she suggested the obvious that I’d overlooked: wouldn’t Flexipans be perfect for your Airstream?


Of course! Yes! If the DWR had an oven. 


I made these Halloween brownie bites in a mini muffin tray at home (using a low cal version of a box mix, with applesauce instead of oil), but YOUR trailer or RV certainly has an oven and you’ll want this rubbery cookware for your galley. 


Made of some kind of silicone, they don’t need prepping (no polluting your Airstream interior with greasy Pam spray), they barely need cleaning (rinse and wipe), and they squish to stow and don’t clank around in the cupboard. The Silpat baking sheets roll up as well, and the roundish one even doubles as a pot lid.


Demarle products aren’t cheap, but Christmas is coming. Get the cookbook-like catalog from Karla and assemble your wish list; the pans, molds and sheets come in dozens of diminutive (and regular) shapes and sizes.


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  • Thanks, Rhonda for the recommendation! Just to be correct, Demarle at Home Flexipans and Silpats are made of food-grade silicone and woven glass. Also-my prices are cheapere than
    I teach cooking classes, too, so if any Airstreamers in Oregon or Southwest Washington would like to get together to learn fast, easy recipes for RVing, I would be happy to teach you!

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