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foldable favorite: mini breakfast shoppe

Airstreaming with the Elite 3 in 1 Mini Breakfast Shoppe


Not only does this item not fold or collapse, many would argue that it isn’t a space saver either. The countertop footprint measures 7.5” x 15”.

But it was too cute to pass up. (Sorry, male readers. I know you hate the word “cute”. But I encourage you to embrace it. Ralph now freely uses it as an all-encompassing shortcut term that we both understand, and our communication as a couple has vastly improved. Example: “I stacked wood by the fence. Is it cute enough?” Another: “I want to leave my tube of sunscreen on the porch. Or is that not cute?” Try it.)

The Elite 3 in 1 Mini Breakfast Shoppe comes in a range of adorable colors and it is a space saver in one regard—it really does triple duty as three appliances rolled into one. Fire up the toaster oven, coffee maker, and griddle and you’ll have breakfast for two all sizzling away at the same time in one contrivance.

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