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foldable favorite: urb-e scooter

Alumapalooza has grown into a sprawling event that reaches from the new Airstream factory under construction at one end of Jackson Center, Ohio, to the other side of town near WBCCI/WBAC/ACI headquarters. I’m glad I was Airstreaming with my URB-E foldable electric scooter at Alumapalooza 10.

Sure, it’s weird looking. You’re weird looking! Just kidding. Am I weird looking? You bet, in my goofy matching turquoise skate helmet, scooting through parking lots and side streets. The little “ding” bell and big basket in the back don’t help me look cooler. So what!

Though you will choke when you see the price, I recommend that all RVers at least consider an URB-E, a great way to get around towns that folds to a compact 37x19x21.5 inches.

✔︎ Top speed: 18mph (NOT uphill, or while transporting a case of beer)

✔︎ Range: 20 miles on one full charge

✔︎ Weight: 35 pounds (sounds light but it takes some muscle to lift it high into, say, the back of your tow vehicle)

Your URB-E will come in a box—some assembly required—but I was able to put it together all by myself. Those who know me understand this means the unit couldn’t be simpler to set up. Later, I visited the storefront in Pasadena, California (where URB-Es are designed and built) where one can stock up on all the accessories: a cup holder for your morning joe and happy hour cocktail, phone holder (URB-E charges your smartphone as you ride), lifting strap, color inserts to customize your scooter, kickstand options, and more.

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