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foldable favorite: collapsible salad spinner

Airstream camping with Prepworks Collapsible Salad Spinner


I freely admit it: last camping season I overindulged. Potluck pizzas. Open grill burgers. Potato-based side dishes. White bread sandwiches stuffed with tuna and mayo and Fritos…with Cheetos on the side. (Patty, I share this blame.) Martinis and tequila and margarita mix from Costco. 


This year, I resolve to eat healthier on the road. Buy more fresh produce, at more farmer’s markets. Shop at roadside fruit stands. (Drink fewer martinis? Let’s not get too giddy.) Absolutely, positively: eat more salad. 


Among the galley gadgets I asked for and received for Christmas was the Prepworks collapsible salad spinner. It uses “half the storage space” (of what? itself? or the larger version back in your kitchen at home?) and it’s a multitasking maniac. It’s a spinner, a colander, a serving bowl for the table, or, when you’re traveling alone like me, a Jethro bowl from which to eat while laying on your bunk watching Helix on your laptop.


road tested it during my trip in February, even in darkest Nevada (where it’s a significant challenge to locate salad ingredients). 


Press down with force and the basket and four-quart capacity bowl both collapse neatly to the size of the lid. Like your spinner at home, it operates with a retracting cord to make it fly and a push button brake. The non-skid bottom keeps it steady on the counter. The lid disassembles for easy cleaning. And it comes in a cute frog-green color that matches my other rubbery gadgets.


By the way, are you using Navidi products for your salad dressing? NO?!? Washingtonians especially, proceed immediately to your local purveyor and ask for a tasting of the staff favorite oil and vinegar pairings. They will be your favorites, too, and they come in little trial size bottles (only $5 each) that you can mix and match and easily store in your trailer cupboard.


2 Responses to “foldable favorite: collapsible salad spinner”

  • I LOVE that! I have a small salad spinner but it seems so big in the Airstream. I’ll be curious to know how it holds up, sounds like people have issues with the cord.

  • Rhonda:

    Leigh, thanks for the comment! I’ll keep you posted on the cord. I hope it undergoes excessive wear and tear.

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