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target hitch product review

You and I both know I’m not mechanically oriented. 


The inside of a car engine looks like an H.R. Giger drawing to me. I don’t understand how the Airstream solar panels relate to the toaster. My screen name has been TechnoPeasant for twenty years and a very good reason. And this thread on the AirForums makes me start to cry, then pass out.


But, as a woman who tows alone and encourages others to try it as well, I’m forcing myself to take baby steps to learn more each day—Suzuki violin style—about the mechanical, electrical, and electronicamible aspects of our DWR.


Follow along as I review a device that I thought would be “a women’s product”, but involves more technical know-how to evaluate than I first thought. And as we go, please bear with the inevitable sexism—like that previous sentence—as I support inventor James Trevino while he perfects and promotes his new product, the Target Hitch.



What is Target Hitch?


A new hitch alignment system that…stop. I can hear you already: “My tow vehicle already has a backup camera.” You are correct, sir—most TVs are equipped with a backup camera nowadays. But they can’t do what the Target Hitch does.


Here’s how it works:

  1. Attach a small device magnetically to the back of your tow vehicle.
  2. Pop another onto the front of your Airstream. 
  3. Back up while remaining in the comfort of your truck, watching as two red crosshairs on a monitor guide you into place for a perfect hitch alignment. (A bright vertical laser indicates the position for the hitch; the horizontal laser tells you when to stop.) 
  4. Boom, you’re done. 
  5. Now jump out, pop off the two devices, drop the pre-positioned coupler directly down onto the ball, and pull away.

Manufactured in the USA and Canada, the Target Hitch laser-alignment backup cam system has recently been made available for purchase.


It’s great for women towing alone because we…I’ll just speak for myself. I don’t like to keep getting in and out of my truck to check the alignment as I hitch up—that causes unwanted attention. And I don’t like to get out in the elements (rain, snow, 108 degrees) to do it either. 


Target Hitch retails for $1100 but the first manufacturing run of 25 are available now for $899. Order it online for the reduced introductory price at

TH crosshair



The product test


The unit was installed on a rainy Saturday in Portland (is there any other?) in November, but I waited until the opening morning of Alumafiesta before testing the alignment system for the first time. A fellow Airstreamer stopped by to observe and I explained the concept of Target Hitch. "Yeah, like ‘lock missiles’ in Top Gun!" he said. Presactly.


Stay tuned for a step-by-step evaluation of Target Hitch ease of installation and use.


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