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Vintage suitcases and trailer toys at the 'Streaming Airstream blog office


The Mothership


Design Within Reach

Sure, the Marathon Coach next to you has a full size washer/dryer, leather Euro-recliners and a 50 inch flat screen. Screw that guy. A quick trip to and several thousand dollars later and you’ll be the envy of the KOA based on your folding chairs alone.


The Airstream Knowledge Sharing Forums

Owner photos, topical fun and priceless collective wisdom to help you restore your vintage trailer. (Typical post: “Help! Just got our new Astrodome replacements for my 65 Overlander and the instructions with the rivots had me drill through the dbl layer of the vent and use a sealant–I thought you would rivot the hardware to the single interior layer of the vent cover!” As Dave Barry says, I am not making this up.)


The Wally Byam Caravan Club, the Airstream RV Association (The WBCCI)

The official website of the WBCCI begs more questions than it answers. Visitors wanting to join the club will be like, uh…so now what? Here’s what you do: Click on the “Regions and Units” tab. Locate your “region” on the map of the United States and click the corresponding number. Find your state or area on the list. See the membership chairman? You have to CALL THEM ON THE PHONE. How 1978 is that.

Fast forward to the 21st century: The adorably dated and mildly sexist Blue Beret, the official magazine of the WBCCI, can now be found online.



That Wondrous Time

When I visit photographer Jen Zahigian’s blog I think of this striking phrase from the overpopular All I Really Need To Know I Learned In Kindergarten by Robert Fulghum: “Remember the the first word you learned—the biggest word of all—LOOK.” She captures the beauty of neglected and ignored objects and American roadside relics in a way that make you feel like hugging someone, and young people will be nostalgic for a time that never was.


Mingle Freely

I don’t fully understand what creator Mick Jeffries does for a living but each week he turns up in odd places surrounded by colorful people and archives it all on his lighthearted photoblog.


The Airstream Chronicles Continued

Photographs from Planet Awesome by Rich Charpentier. Shockingly beautiful landscapes and photo manipulation tips that are way over my head.



Long Long Honeymoon


Perhaps the most professional of the Airstreamer blogs, filmmaker Sean Michael (and pretty wife Kristy) host dozens of high quality short vids on topics ranging from a look inside the Jackson Center factory, to battling ants, to what kind of dog makes the best RV companion. My favorite: a tutorial on how to back a trailer into a tight camp spot employing their secret maneuver, “the scoop (TM)".



Airstream Life


"Traveling Well" is the tagline for Airstream Life, The Official Airstream Lifestyle Magazine, packed with all things Airstream—past, present, and sometimes future. A free sneak peek limited online edition is available, but you’ll want to subscribe to the print version so you don’t miss a thing (like the "Power Camping" article by yours truly in the Summer 2010 edition).



Weasel Mouth


I interviewed Texans Deke and Tiffani Waters for “The Technomads” (Airstream Life, Winter 2010), passionate owners of “The Weasel”, their 2003 22′ International CCD. (They’ve since supersized to a new 27 footer). “Our dream life is a little different than most folks’ our age. The material things we’ve been working for up to now are all things we just don’t need or even want. In fact, they’ve become burdensome,” they confess in the article. Young Airstreamers looking for a lifestyle change will be inspired by their slick site.



Mobile Kodgers


Itching for a fight? You’ll appreciate Mobile Kodgers, a blog that isn’t afraid to stir up a little controversy now and again. Opinionated fulltimer Randy “travels the continent on the back roads where adventure lives” and uses his likable ways and reporter’s nose to sniff out the local story. 



Eccentric Roadside

Everybody loves Eccentric Roadside—the blog “devoted to old fashioned American roadside attractions”—some even refer to it as a legitimate travel guide alongside Fodor’s and Woodall’s.


Liquid Courage

Liquid Courage – Drinking our Way Through Military History is "a celebratory combination of military history and drinking…alcoholic drinks that embody important moments in military history. Each blog entry is a drink, how to make it, and the skinny on what happened in that war or battle.” Now what’s not to love about that. A tip of the hat and bend of the elbow to its four clever authors. (The Master of History and I instinctively Pulled a Custer at Little Bighorn even before we knew there was such a thing.)



The Path Less Pedaled



“In March 2009, Laura Crawford and Russ Roca made the decision to drop out of the status quo and find something new in an open-ended journey,” states the online explanation of their ongoing adventure on two wheels. "Our journey is about meeting people, tasting new foods, seeing unknown corners of the world,” they say. “We travel on bicycle because we move slowly. We can sink into our surroundings and connect deeply with the world around us.”


They ride, they eat, they mingle. Then they film, they sketch, (that’s our DWR and Ralph’s Tikit foldable bike), they photograph, and finally share it all with you via every social media tool. 


Laura and Russ recently discovered a connection between Airstreaming and cycling when they passed through Baker City during the Wally Byam Birthday rally. Watch their video about the celebration (yep, that’s me prattling on at 02:08) here.





Laura and Kevin, also featured in my Technomads article, live and work in their beautifully appointed 27’ International. Laura, a professional photographer, posts pix of their upscale household improvements and the couple’s Northwest rec activities with their top of the line outdoor gear.


Their occasional “view from the office” shots, taken through the front window of their Airstream, will make you sell your possessions and hit the road. And if you’ve ever struggled with internet connectivity, you’ll enjoy this laugh-out-loud post.




Catskill Kiwi


Hungry? You will be. A gardener, cook, and owner of a ’74 Argosy, this blogger posts the most mouthwatering, unpropped food photos on the internets: bright and fresh raw ingredients; comfort food bubbling hot from the oven; delicious baked goods and meals casually plated, crumbs and all. Recipes, too.



The Glamourai


Detailed fashion photos of a girl (blogger Kelly Framel—cute as a bug’s ear), modeling fantastic casual clothes.



Man in the Maze


The travels and musings of Rich Luhr, Editor and Publisher of Airstream Life Magazine (THE publication for any Airstream owner or lover; see above). Like a collection of professionally-written “what I did on my summer vacation” essays, Rich’s consistent and candid coverage includes behind the scenes reviews of events like Modernism Week and Alumapalooza, destinations closer to home, and the exploits of his heroic alter ego, Temporary Bachelor Man.





TrailerChix is dedicated to (deep breath): Adventure | Caring | Freedom | Style | Independence | (and) Creativity. is especially for those seeking fabulousnessand who isn’twithin a smaller eco-friendly footprint. Passionate creator Shelah Johnson has been busy building a strong online and real world community and is influential in returning “some of the lost charm and elegance to trailer life.” (Please to enjoy my article about an inspiring woman of the road: Finding Focus – Award-winning photographer develops new lifestyle.)



Oh God, My Wife is German.


Do you like indelicate humor? Of course you do. The author of OGMWIG—who has a way with words and an appreciation for the comically tasteless—routinely entangles himself and his comely bride in a variety of physical and cultural snafus. Hilarity ensues. Enjoy.



Two Girls and a Trailer


Clean design. Cute Etsy shop. Humble, midcentury tasties. Vintage Airstream restoration on the way—I’m staying tuned.



Mali Mish


These guys have guts: mom, dad, three (count ‘em, 3) kids and a cat virtually fulltiming in a 25 ft Ocean Breeze. Sightsee along with the family as these prolific bloggers trek from coast to coast in the Mali Mish (”little mouse” in Croatian).


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  • wanted to say hello… tiffani (of weaselmouth) just passed your blog along to me and as a fellow airstreamer wanted to introduce myself. (we do home on wheel tours with Q&A’s) give me a shout if you’d like to share and do one with your airstream (;
    xo, tiffany

  • admin:

    Hi Tiffany! Great to hear from you. I’ve seen your nice blog(s). Tell me more…what’s a home on wheels tour? I’m intrigued! Let’s connect at : )

  • Barbara Clowers:

    Hey, we have a Mercedes Sprinter Van/Airstream Interstate RV. Any groups for us or should be just hang out with the Class B groups?

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