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airstream office

Airstream home office, Bend, Oregon



It’s the first truly warm spring week in Bend. I’m itching to be outdoors, but deadlines are oblivious to the weather report. Time to move rg coleman communications HQ to the grounds outside the Pine Cone Lodge.


There’s too much screen glare to work from the patio table on the backyard deck, but the Airstream makes a perfect indoor/outdoor office. 


A new solar panel powers an inverter for the MacBook to plug into; iPod and Pandora supplies the mood music. Wifi from the house just barely reaches the DWR in the driveway, so I supplement with a tethered iPhone for connectivity.


During breaks I can sit in a plastic Adirondack chair outside the trailer, drinking decaf and watching poor Ralph dig holes on the property to accommodate the truckload of (theoretically) deer-resistant plants that arrived this week, and contemplate the Advantages of Working in an Airstream Office:


  • It’s the best of both worlds: One maintains the clean fingernails of a white collar desk job while enjoying the fresh air and sunshine of an occupation outdoors.


  • Dressing for work boosts self esteem: Commuting across the driveway in broad daylight, in view of passing joggers and neighbors retrieving their newspaper, necessitates that I change from pajamas into actual “clothing” (meaning socks, hoodie, and matching sweatpants).


  • Psychic separation of work and play: At day’s end, slamming the Airstream door and walking “home” puts the workday in the rear view mirror in a more tangible and symbolic way than just shuffling downstairs and opening the liquor cabinet.


Further tips or suggestions, anyone? Can I get an amen? Have you converted your RV into an at-home office? 


5 Responses to “airstream office”

  • Love it. The mobile office in a work-at-home scenario.

    • Rhonda:

      Thanks Bob! I’m back indoors now though, on a chilly rainy spring day. Do you own

      • Hi Rhonda! Not the owner, although I command a lot of attention. Glad to hear you can put your Airstream to work while at the homestead. Concepts like this are good ideas I like to spread to RV enthusiasts in the circles I run in, so I’ve been suggesting your blog to friends and clients.

  • Jude:

    I think people forget they can use their Airstream even if they aren’t on the road. It’s great as guest quarters or even a sanctuary…great post!

  • rg coleman:

    Thanks Jude! Plus, the interior always smells like vacation : )

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