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Airstream road trip safety and packing checklists


Preparations for Summer Road Trip 2010 are in full swing. We back out in twenty one hours but we’re (relatively) stress free; the process is down to a science, and we only have 16 feet of Airstream to pack and tow away.


Resources abound for helping you ready your rig and a person could go checklist crazy. We maintain only two: a limited supplies list (including necessities like “presto log” and martini olives) that resides in the RV Companion iphone app, and a by-the-book hitch up and go procedure. (Never want to get sloppy even though we know the drill by heart.) 


Our simple departure and arrival checklist is laminated against the damp, with one side for hitching up and the other for settling in at the campsite. The arrival steps are in a larger font, making the list easier to read in case we pull in after dark. 

  • The Summer 2010 Airstream Life magazine (page 8 in the online preview version) has an exhaustive article that will help you “confirm that everything is ready to roll.” (Nah, says you, we just wing it? The unnerving “Top Five Mistakes You’ll Make Without A Checklist” will scare you straight.)

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