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RG Coleman on Girl Camper podcast episode #82 May 2 2017


Airstreaming women—or women who aspire to be Airstreaming women—please check out the inspiring Girl Camper podcast at your earliest convenience. Host Janine Pettit covers a variety of valuable topics—trailer safety and towing, theft prevention, RV industry news—and dives deep into the lifestyles and passions of other girl campers: what makes them tick, and how they fulfill their dream of towing alone or with their fun, adventure-seeking gal pals.


I had the honor of shooting the breeze with Janine during Episode 82 about my proud association with the Airstream cult—er, I mean, community—and how, this year, Airstreaming and eclipse chasing will collide in Oregon during the Great American Eclipse in August.



Find out more about Janine and her role as “girl camping ambassador” at Outside Interests.






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