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looney daze

Looney Daze, Vergas Minnesota 2011


The state fair may be legend, but Minnesota’s podunk summer festivals—Detroit LakesWater Carnival, the Audubon Pet Parade (which took ten minutes, beginning to end), and “Looney Daze” (sic) in Vergas—deliver superior fun with easier parking.


Lakeside communities in northwestern Minnesota—frozen into a block of ice for seven-plus months—have to cram their pent up energy into the short tourist months of summer. In Vergas, where the loon is revered as a deity, you’ll find loon ball, the worlds largest loon, and, in August, Looney Daze. (Actual slogan: "WhAt HaPpEnS In VeRgAs!…StAyS In VeRgAs!")


The four humid days of activities include rummage sales, "Vergas Idol" karaoke, loon calling and strongman contests, water fights, a beer garden, and the ubiquitous small town parade, which I love to watch while listening to commentary by the townsfolk in their thick accents straight out of Fargo. (At the drinks cart, a woman in line ahead of me ordered a “sprayt”.)



3 Responses to “looney daze”

  • “WhAt HaPpEnS In VeRgAs!…StAyS In VeRgAs!”

    Ooh, and we have our own correspondent to spill the beans. Hadn’t realized you were headed up there, don’t ‘cha know.

  • The Camp Dawg:

    Yaaa, Ag Sag, you bet’cha. You lucky guy knowin’ so many of us Minny-so-tans! ps – just call a sprayt a sprayt…or better yet, pop!

  • Rhonda:

    That’s right…“pop”. (In Wisconsin, that would be “pap”.)

    In the South, “coke”, as in:
    Patron: I’ll have a coke.
    Waitress: What kinda coke, hon?
    Patron: Fresca, please.

    In the Northwest, we only order coffee! -rg

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