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Airstream travel with miniature dachshunds, Airstream Life Magazine


Ralston’s passing, as any pet owner can attest, was difficult and bittersweet. He will never be replaced, and I miss him every day. His demise was no reason to delay restoring the Four Rs to pack capacity, however. Ripley needed a companion—preferably a non-human that could understand the byzantine games he likes to play.


When people asked if I was ready for another dog so soon, I replied, “I may never be ready for another dog. But I’m ready for a miniature dachshund!”


Down, small dog lovers; just kidding. Doxies—Ralph’s favorite breed—are a merry and noble dog, though after owning a big lab they still seem like pocket pets.


Introducing Raven, seen cavorting here with her littermates, and at four months old with me on the cover of the Fall 2011 issue of  Airstream Life. (Photo by Alison Turner, official photographer at Alumapalooza, who has a magical knack for capturing expressions—especially dog owners and their canine trailermates.)



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