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oh, we’re gettin it

2007 DWR Design Within Reach Airstream trailer by Christopher Deam


"I have something to show you.”

Ralph wouldn’t tell me what to expect when I arrived at the house. He sat me on the deck, put a gin and tonic in my hand, and said, “close your eyes.”

I opened them to see the cover of the Spring 2007 Design Within Reach catalog, with the sublime Christopher Deam Airstream on the cover.

“In 2000, Airstream’s motto, ‘Make only improvements, not changes,’ was shaken by architect-designer Chris Deam who gutted a vintage trailer to create a booth for the International Contemporary Furniture Fair,” states the DWR online catalog. “Deam’s ability to respect the history of the iconic aluminum shell, while bringing a lighter, more spacious feeling to the interior, was praised by Airstream purists and the design community. The design caught our eye at DWR, and we contacted Deam about creating a special edition trailer for our customers. We’ve outfitted this Airstream with the works, and all of the surfaces of the light and airy interior have been updated with today’s most durable materials. Everything you need is included to hit the road and satisfy your need to know what’s around the next bend. Whether the Design Within Reach Airstream takes you to distant places, or provides an extra room at home, its panoramic windows and iconic history will inspire a different point of view.”

Whatever. We immediately called the local dealership, learned that there were only 25 available nationwide, and made an appointment to drive to Eugene, Oregon to buy one.

2 Responses to “oh, we’re gettin it”

  • mick:

    ok, you guys are kinda awesome.

    i guess you got to my blog due to my airstream-to-burning-man content from last year?

    what platform do you use for your blog?

    let’s be friends!

    • rhonda:

      Hi Mick! I think I found you from the Google alert keyword “Airstream” and I’ve been subscribing to Mingle Freely on Google Reader. Love your pics! Could be we crossed paths in the Burning world too, not sure. (This year will be my first.) Are you camped with Burnstream Court?

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