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trailer scarves!

Airstream and vintage trailer Merino wool felted scarves on Etsy


Just in time for the holidays! A one-of-a-kind gift for you and your trailering friends.


Neighbor Patty and I like to engage in the girly-girl pastime of “crafting”. Over the years we’ve made applehead witches, cork wreathes, and other failed holiday gift items, but recently Patty landed on the brilliant idea to each make our own fantastic, felted scarves.


After watching an instructional YouTube video we assessed the benefits of felting: we’re able to drink wine and catch up on The Walking Dead or Homeland together during the time consuming “fluffing” stage, and the hot soapy water process leaves your fingernails and work area cleaner than when you started. It’s the perfect art activity.


We frequent a local lady in Bend who provides us with hand-dyed Merino from a tiny shop attached to her farmhouse where she raises sheep and other wooly animals. (You should see the newborn spring lambs. Beyond adorable.) 


Anyway, these accessories are like no other. After fashioning various wools into a long, cuddly, warm scarves, I embellish them with hand-stitched details. Look, little vintage trailers! 


Seven colorways are currently available at the Etsy “Airstreaming” store


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