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star party, oregon outback

WBCCI Airstream star party rally, Summer Lake, Ana Reservoir, Oregon


WBCCI ralliers at wonderful, warm, windy Ana Reservoir RV Park enjoyed what the Oregon Outback had to offer: a tour of the state wildlife refuge, wildflower viewing on the way to Fremont Point, the Paisley Mosquito Festival, splashing in the lake, collecting cattails, and evening kite flying followed by a knock-your-socks-off sunset reflected in aluminum.


An expedition to the Cowboy Dinner Tree in nearby Silver Lake was organized, and mass quantities of meat were consumed—obscene portions served family style with sides. Complete dinner: $30, including tip and much-needed doggie bag. (Soft drinks only. No liquor license, are you kidding me?) (Related: the town of Summer Lake is only 75 or so miles from the California border, then another 60 miles to the Alturas Rite Aid and its el cheapo liquor aisle. Well worth the scenic drive.)


After nightfall, resident amateur astronomer Alicia trained her 10” Meade Starfinder on Saturn (small in the eyepiece, but you could see the separation of the rings from the body of the planet, and one of her moons) and Mars (blurry, but red as advertised). Club members used their own telescopes, spotting scopes, and high powered birding lenses to admire the half moon, bright in the clear sky.


Ever hear of winkboytels? Me neither. These are deep fried patties of dough dressed with butter, powered sugar, syrup and jam (approximate Weight Watchers points: 56,000). I asked the chef, how did they get their name? He didn’t know. He believes it’s German. The lack of curiosity in this world amazes me. There’s a bar in Portland I used to frequent called “The Tillicum”. One night I asked my server, “what is a tillicum, anyway?” “A what?” she replied. My god. Uh, the name of the place where you WORK? 



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