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honeymoon in utah

Airstream camping in Utah: Arches, Bryce, Moab, more!


September: our one-year anniversary. Newlyweds no more. (Can you even call yourself that after age fifty and two prior weddings?) 


Following ten years of knowledge of one another, carnal and otherwise, Ralph and I tied the knot last year in as brief a ceremony as Deschutes County would allow, Ron Swanson-style.


This seems like a good time to finally post the photos of our honeymoon.


We Airstreamed to Utah to revisit all the magnificent natural pulchritude that we blew past in 2009. This time we really dug in and enjoyed the most colorful parts of the state. (Literally; there’s not much figuratively colorful about Utah.) It was an idyllic few weeks and I’ve got the pictures to prove it:

  • Lunching along Pothole Point Trail (nicer than it sounds).
  • Admiring an art class of middleschoolers drawing the canyon from the nature trail overlook at the Dead Horse visitor center.
  • Sipping bourbon outside the DWR, watching the moon rise over the red hills surrounding Moab.
  • Pulling over to view the mysterious petroglyphs at Newspaper Rock and Fremont River. (Please explain to me how the Fremont Indians were not visited by space aliens.) 
  • Hanging out for a few days with Ralph’s hot friend Jim and his cute son Dan.
  • Hiding my eyes while Ralph steered down a steep (14%!) twisty highway, lined with trees in their yellow, orange, and red fall colors.
  • Finding fancy breads and coffee at Gifford Farmhouse, part of the dear little conserved Mormon settlement near Capitol Gorge.
  • Sketching the Silly Sand-ish rocks in the Garden of Eden.
  • Getting the perfect campsite, wherever we went, with no advance reservations (even at Bryce).
  • Sunset hikes—along Angel’s Palace Trail and the Bryce Canyon Rim Trail—then back to the Airstream for more cocktails and barbecue with my shiny new husband.

The highlight was definitely camping inside Arches National Park (the one place we did have the sense to secure a hard-to-get reservation), surrounded by the big rocks and big sky, each sunny blue morning and warm red sunset. What a luxury just to dock, take it easy, (and, once, roll out of the rack before dawn to take a sunrise hike).


For your trip-planning purposes, below are the links to the places we camped, all of which—and everything in between—should be on every Airstreamer’s bucket list.


Dead Horse Point



Capitol Reef

Kodachrome Basin

Bryce Canyon


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  • Susan Springer:

    You can call yourselves newlyweds as long as you feel like it! Wishing you a wonderful first anniversary – on our lucky 13th anniversary! Looks like you saw great sights.

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