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Airstream road trip Historic Centralia WashingtonAirstream road trip Historic Centralia Washington


Spent the afternoon walking in the footsteps of the Great Armistice Day Wobbly Massacre or something like that. This is what passes for fun when you date a Master of History. Actually, enjoyed looking for an old hotel front—from which the “famous” first shot was taken that fateful day in 1919—and chatting up the geezers in the American Legion Hall where there is more flag decor displayed than Fourth of July week at Fred Meyer. Later, ate burgers at the historic Olympic Club and got some new Nikes at the outlet mall. Really roughing it this weekend.

Midway RV Park (or Mid-Way, they can’t decide how to spell it) was less of a trash bash than usual, but still. Curious passers-by stopped to inquire about the DWR and made a few “size” jokes.

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