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ghost towns of oregon

Airstream road trip to ghost towns of OregonGhost towns of Oregon Airstream road trip


Viewed a lot of faded, listing old buildings that would be condemned if they weren’t in a historic guidebook. Seriously. Who did they blow? This excursion required a lot of steering around in the heat looking for unmarked abandoned buildings and nonexistent cemetery headstones. Always a nervous driver and/or passenger, Ralph exclaimed “uh oh!”, “watch out!” and “godammit!” for 14 hours until my nerves were shot. We fought from Wasco to Fossil to Shaniko.

The jewel in the crown was supposedly Hardman, which we drove three hours out of our way to see and was revealed to be an unmitigated dump that the guidebook called “one of the most scenic and charming” places to visit in the Northwest. De gustibus non est disputandum.

Parts of this trip were excellent; the chicken fried steak at Zim’s Brau Haus in The Dalles, for instance, and the dogs had a good time as always, especially Ripley who loves a long car ride.

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