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mountie museum

Airstream road trip- Royal Canadian Mounted Police Heritage Centre, Saskatchewan


Traveling to Regina? (What an embarrassing name for a city. Like that Seinfeld episode. “Mulva?”) Don’t miss the contemporary Royal Canadian Mounted Police Heritage Centre in Saskatchewan where you’ll learn about the formation of the original 300 Mounties in 1873, what the RCMP is up to today (with a force of nearly 5000), and how you’d look as a Mountie in that smashing scarlet tunic and Dudley Do-Right hat.

Back to back theme rooms explore aspects of RCMP history including their presence during the Klondike Gold Rush (when the worldwide image of the Mountie was formed), and how the modern national police service solves crimes like racketeering and drug trafficking, illustrated as a graphic novel.

Recruits are still trained there at “Depot”, the RCMP academy, and sent forth (these days in Chevy Tahoes more than on horseback) to “Maintiens le Droit”.

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