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road to dl

North Dakota Airstream road trip

Now a day behind schedule because of The Incident, we’re caught between the urge to hurry and the need to slow down so there will be no further mistakes. Up at 5am, we make our way carefully across Idaho, Montana and North Dakota.

Lots to see in Montana along the I90; we’re in too big of a rush to stop but managed to check a couple of boxes:
Prairie dog
25ft McCain/Palin yard sign

Rocky Mountain oyster

50,000 Silver Dollar Bar (formerly the 10,000 Silver Dollar Bar before inflation)

Henry Ford’s personal camper at the Old Montana Prison, the one packed with china and flatware that he took on campouts with chums Thomas Edison, John Burroughs, and Harvey Firestone. (Wha…? Who knew!)

Less to see in North Dakota. A handful of natural wonders, but mostly manufactured attractions that the department of tourism developed to lure (white) people to the state like the Medora Musical (which is surely what Waiting for Guffman was based on), The Enchanted Highway of giant steel sculptures, and the world’s largest buffalo OR cow, take your pick.

We call it a day at an RV park in Dickinson ND. Not what you’d call a lush oasis but if you’re on your way to Minnesota after wrecking your Airstream and are looking for a clean, well-lighted place to spend the night with free showers, the North Park Campground is for you.


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