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alumafiesta 2014 — airstream event, tucson, arizona

Alumafiesta Airstream event, Tucson, Arizona, 2014


My diagnosis came during Alumafiesta.


I was sitting in a computer repair shop in the bad part of Tucson, waiting for my iPhone to be resurrected after it fell headfirst into the toilet at LazyDays RV Park. Leafing through a GQ, I came upon an article about an interesting new disorder that I now know I have: FOMO. 


Fear of Missing Out. The tongue-in-cheek article detailed the anxiety and self loathing you experience from overconsuming social media and discovering with every click (or swipe or flick) that your friends and acquaintances are having more fun than you are.


Hmm. That got me to thinking, on my way back to the Alumafiesta grounds: if you’ve got FOMO, the R&B “Alumaevents” may not be for you. Like a luxury cruise, they are so packed with back to back and overlapping activities that you simply can’t do it all. I filled each hour of every day in Tucson (except those spent hovering at my iPhone’s deathbed) with Aluma-happenings, yet later at day’s end I was still envious when I heard about the entirely different, additional fun stuff that others enjoyed.


The above photos that indicate that all I did was drink are misleading. I chose wisely from the schedule and had an elegant lunch and tour at the swanky Arizona Inn, visited the behemoth telescopes at Kitt Peak, strolled the Tucson Botanical Gardens, explored a really marvelous air and space museum, and partook of a few seminars and the evening entertainment…all while getting acquainted with new (and favorite) Airstreaming friends. 


I had no idea that there was so much to do in and around Tucson. I’ll return to Alumafiesta next year and try again!


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