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the dalles

Airstream road trip, The Dalles, Oregon, historic walking tour


Why we waited to replace a four year old battery until the day it died—the morning of a road trip—is indicative of how we roll. Ralph, not what anyone would describe as a grease monkey, struggled with the issues surrounding its replacement and we were off like a herd of turtles to The Dalles only three hours past ETD.

The Dalles, Oregon: the town that sounds awkward in any sentence. (“Historic The Dalles.” “The The Dalles walking tour.”) Instead of demolishing their tired old infrastructure, forward-thinking city planners must have said, “Let’s hold off. In another three decades, history buffs will come in their Airstreams to see our one hundred year old Oddfellows Lodge, and drink our beer.” And so it came to pass.

A brochure provided by The Historic Downtown The Dalles Association tells the story of each worn brick building (and a map can be uploaded to your handheld as you walk the few commercial blocks).

The nearby Deschutes River State Park—a splendid, spacious campground right on the river—was sub-freezing, the bathrooms were locked, and the camp host had wisely moved on to less wintery climes. We spent most of the weekend in the warm local ale joints.


4 Responses to “the dalles”

  • Your blog makes me so happy. 🙂

  • I don’t know anyone who says “The Dalles” unless they’re saying something like “we’re going to The Dalles” but in the examples you bring up, they would say “Dalles walking tour”

    Maybe that’s not right according to the locals, but that’s how the near-by-ers that I know referred to it.

    • Rhonda:

      If you ask me, Oregon has more than its share of goofy town names. Drain? Boring?? Washington too, “Pe Ell”, WTH is that.

      Thanks for the comments!

  • So glad you are back on the road, even if only briefly. The Deschutes River State Park has been so popular on our previos attempts to visit that we were turned away. Upriver alternative is Maryhill SP on the Washington side.


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