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timberlake campground—saint patrick’s airstream rally

Airstream rally Columbia River Gorge


After five years of ‘streaming with the DWR we traveled again to Timberlake Campground (aka "Leroy’s Place") in the green Gorge. The reason: party with the local Wally Club at the first rally of the Oregon Airstream season.

It was dark, dank, and bitter cold. Driving up to I-84 from Bend we could see the spring cloud pattern laid out before us like a weatherman’s graphic: blue on the right, socked in on the left. The rally camaraderie (to the left) was well worth the trip, but the weekend reconfirmed our decision to move to the sunny side of the state. (So what was that funny lump in my throat when we waved goodbye and pulled away?)


Leroy runs a tight ship. The Timberlake grounds are immaculate, and you could eat in the bathroom. But know before you go: his attention to detail extends all the way to you and the inside of your rig.


You will be personally escorted to your campsite, and, if you have one of the high-numbered ones on the top of the hill, Leroy will insist that you place your tow vehicle in 4WD for the duration of the drive. Once you reach your site, Leroy himself will firmly direct you back into it, no matter how you emphatically assure him you’ve got it. (A good trust exercise in letting go of control.) “Well, he does do a really good job,” admitted one Airstreamer. 


Good junk at the first-ever club swap meet—I scored some more Airstream party lights—and outstanding Irish rally fare. Go raibh maith agat, chef Doug!



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