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vinegar museum

Airstream road trip: International Vinegar Museum, Roslyn, South Dakota



How did Roslyn, South Dakota get to be the vinegar capital of America?


“Yes. Ok,” replied the amiable host at the International Vinegar Museum, who earnestly launched into his docent’s speech. “This fella by the name of Lawrence Diggs,” he said, pointing to the framed articles on the wall at the entrance. “He was living in California and looking for a place different from California. He happened to come through Roslyn and he’s been here ever since.” (What are the odds of this.) “It’s been about twelve, fourteen years now. He said Roslyn needed something. He had been in the vinegar business, and this building was here—it used to be a jail and a lot of other things—and he said, how about a museum all about vinegar? The village went along with it. Now we’re on the internet and we’ve been doing good ever since. So, start right here,” (he gestured to a display of jars and beakers), “with how vinegar is put together, and work yourself around to the bacteria and bottles from different countries.”


Everything you might want to know and many things you don’t about the origin and chemistry of vinegar is systematically revealed at “The IVM”. Without a doubt the best display is the tasting bar. I purchased a delicious blood orange vinegar to substitute for a hard to find peach variety called for in the Kiersi✻, and their fruity private label 18 year old balsamic. (“You know, I’ve been to Modena,” I said, trying to impress the vinegar guy. “Oh. Uh huh,” he said, unimpressed.)


I suggested that they should let the Food Channel know they were there and he gave me a kindly, don’t-waste-my-time look. “Oh, they’ve been here, filming,” he said. “And Gourmet was here, and we’ve been written up in a lot of different magazines and newspapers,” he reflected with pride. “Lawrence is very outgoing.”


✻ The @Kiersi

I learned about this refreshing, low cal summer drink while swapping recipes at Beer and Blog with Twitter pals @mklprc and @kiersi. (I excitedly told the vinegar guy about it. “I’m a scotch person myself,” he said.)

  1. Fill tall glass with ice. Add:
  2. One shot gin
  3. Splash of peach vinegar 
  4. Top with club soda 

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  • It’s so delicious! I want to try blood orange vinegar, that sounds right up my alley. I’ve made my drink recently with raspberry vinegar lately, just to mix it up. How fun! I want to go to this museum!

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