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does my butt look big in this trailer suit?

Airstream trailer travel in camping coveralls


Yes, it does. Ralph, who pores over industrial catalogs for relaxation, had a genius idea: one piece, insulated work coveralls to wear while camping. “Think about it,” he persuaded. “It gets a little cold or rainy, boom, we pull on the suits. The dogs need to go out in the middle of the night? Jump into the suit.” Horrified but intrigued, I agreed and they soon arrived mailorder (70% off) from Sierra Trading Post.

Initial embarrassment was overcome within ten minutes. Who cares what strangers at the KOA think about you? These trailer suits are awesome. As soon as we pull in, unhitch, and deploy the lawn chairs, I’m in the suit, cocktail in hand. (Ralph has the dignity to wait at least until dark). We further geekorized them with matching hats, black scarves and slip-on mud shoes from l.l.bean, and are planning to stencil the word “T E A M” on the back for a Devo effect.

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