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iball hitch camera

Hitching up the Airstream with the iBall Hitch Camera


The iBall Hitch Cam went directly onto my Christmas wish list after Teresa Taylor’s sister demonstrated its virtues at the Pendleton Round Up rally.


It requires a 9V battery, not included, nor is a manual—everything you need to know about its operation is described by a three-step diagram on the packaging card. (By the way, will someone please invent a device to pop open the industrial strength plastic casing that’s fused around everything these days. You need the jaws of life just to open the iBall package.) 


Position the magnetic camera on the back of your tow vehicle so that it looks down onto the ball hood thingy on the hitch (that’s a technical term), start backing into position, and keep your eye on the little color tv screen (another technical term, stop me if this is going too fast) that’s plugged into your vehicle’s lighter hole. Watch in awe while you back the ball straight into position.



8 Responses to “iball hitch camera”

  • Wow. That’s actually a brilliant idea! At first I was thinking …”how boring…” from a blog reading perspective. Now I think it’s a necessity for piece of mind!

  • rg coleman:

    Good feedback, thanks Bill! Next time I’ll write a less-boring headline. Hmmm…”iBall Hitch Camera Explodes” ? ; )

  • Julie Duryea:

    Ready to read something weird? My husband, son and I moved to Bend from Pdx in April 2011, and we just bought a 2008 DWR Airstream, 16ft!! We love it. We are trailer neophytes, but made the investment for family time unplugged, and adventure. Would love to meet and trade tales and tips—rather, gather tips from you b/c we haven’t built any expertise;)

    • Rhonda:

      What!?? Julie, that’s amazing! I think there are only 40 of us DWR-owners worldwide. What are the odds that two are in Bend? Would love to talk to you. We should have a driveway rally sometime soon! Where in Bend are you? Please email me where we can talk further at

  • Dave Goodman:

    I use an iPhone on a tripod aimed at the ball, and an iPad in the car to view it. I use the BlueCam app on both devices to stream video over Bluetooth from the iPhone to the iPad.

  • Mike:

    Got one the first time I saw the ad in “Trailer Life.” It’s been great. Heretofore, I’d been using a convex hitch-up mirror but the setup and takedown of the camera is easier. I would like to mount it on the trailer but, as we know, it won’t stick to aluminum. Dave’s tripod idea would be helpful. I also use it to back up but even the cover on the rear bumper storage is aluminum, so I stick it on a little steel plate that I attach with a large, flat spring paper clip as the only steel back there is the license plate/light bracket, which, being curved, makes a tenuous mount. Unfortunately, reception is less than perfect from that distance and all the metal in the way. All-in-all, though, I’m very satisfied with it.

  • Rhonda:

    Thanks for the comment, Mike! Always love to read other opinions and further advice about the camping gadgets I buy. -RC

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