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wish you were here

Travel photos © rg coleman. Contact for permission.

Flickr is so old school. (So, probably, is saying Old School.) But it’s free, and a nice place to share photos that don’t fit elsewhere on the ‘Streaming blog.

Remember when couples would get together at someone’s home, and the hosts would force the others to watch their vacation slides? For those like me who miss those days, I present this link to the album "wish you were here". Roadtrippers of all stripes may enjoy recognizing familiar sights. Shout out if you’ve been there!

Daily(ish) I upload a favorite scene from home and away. Mostly away…sometimes sans Airstream. Monthly(ish) I’ll invite readers to take a look at the latest installment. 

I shoot with a Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX1 16 MP micro four-thirds camera with an X Vario PZ 14-42mm lens; none of which means the damnedest thing to me. My sincerest wish is to abandon my reliance on the automatic controls but no one—not even my professional photographer friends—knows how the fking thing works. (The manual, as is the case with most electronic manuals, begs more questions than it answers.)

Enjoy! All images © rg coleman, and free to a good home for a photo credit. Contact me for permission.






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